Fresh from my Short Writings Gallery.


If I were to walk right into the most exorbitant store,
I’d choose the grace and love store.
If I were to be dressed by the most distinguished designer;
so I exude an air of exquisite,
I’d choose the grace designer.
If my statement scent were to permeate and engulf an entire room,
I pray it’d be the fragrance extracted from the raw product of grace.
If I were to be adorned by jewelry made from the most precious of stones,
I’d select ornaments of grace.
If I were to strut my way down that aisle,
I’d still choose the red carpet of grace.
And then when the interviewer walks up to me and asks,
“Ma’am, whom are you wearing today?”
I’d reply him in incontestable confidence,

“Unmerited favor” confidently executes her role:
-Covering our shame.
-Taking us to platforms and places:
we honestly would never have been to,
that we don’t deserve to be in
were it by our own strength and ability.
-Grace, I have practically discovered is not backward
but a forward movement, smart enough
not to ‘excavate’ the untold history of the long road travelled.
-Beneath the intricately encrusted embellishments of grace,
is an indomitable spirit.
-Grace has spoiled me rotten!!
-She doesn’t care whether I’m in a room where:
I’m the most inexperienced, the least exposed,
‘unfortunate’ in the eyes of some…
but just as her name suggests, she gracefully taps my shoulder,
offers me a seat and shifts me to a caliber
only her knows best how to.

And today,
I get to wear my designer label of ‘g.r.a.c.e’
with courageous and humble pride.
Wouldn’t trade this regalia for another.

But wait!
What if grace were to be bought?
What if it came in packages?
Aristocratic grace, royal or imperial grace,
upper class grace, middle class grace, lower class grace etc
Where would you and I genuinely be?
Think about it.



-Inspired by my personal experience of a year of incredible favor where in acting in obedience to the many things that God directed me to do, the financial equation notwithstanding, I saw His mighty hand at work, open doors and sustenance at unfathomable level. -October 2017

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