What comes to your mind when you hear this word detach??

For me, they are words as: unclatter, clean up/ tidy up, detoxify your heart, mind & spirit, keep the breeding location spotless in readiness for the NEW.

Well, I don’t know ’bout you, but when I think of ‘to detach’, what comes to my mind is holiday time, when one’s heart deeply yearns for #newness & freshness, far from the hustle n bustle of city life, when you get to switch off all your gadgets: the computer, the phone(s), the iPad, except the camera… generously take in some handsome scoop of fresh, unrationed air then slowly allow your heart to relax and revel in the treat, be it in a park, in the wild or next to the shore, with toes beneath the breathtaking, silk, soft crystalline white sands of the beach when this time the soles of your feet & entire being get to sing a serenade to the sand.

It’s already spring time here. Immediately right in front of this transparent expanse of a door facing me, are cars passing. Further a few meters ahead is one breathtaking sight – a park that has undergone a complete and an abrupt transformation. Just 3 weeks ago, the branches of this huge tree in it thoroughly needed wear, yet majestically it stands right now before my sight above the rest. Budding ivory flowers embellish the branches and it has spread its countless branches, philanthropically so, just as an eagle undeterred, spreading its wings in readiness for flight and the beauty of it all is unparalleled. Just one irresistible glance at this beauty, accelerated by the April showers sends guiltless serenity to the very core of my soul. 🤫 And then I detach…

Well, when I think of to detach, I think surrender. Those moments on a prayer mountain, when I have to let go, to unclatter inorder to achieve the mission that in the first place took me there: a revelation, that small still voice, an answer, an assurance of His will in the matter and deep in the silence, within a crisp clean heart, He always lays a sign.

However, the basis of my writing is informed by “Detachment” that attracts the “NEW

TO DETACH (verb)


-Disengage (something or part of something) and remove it.

-To separate or remove something from something else that it is connected to.

Synonyms: Unfasten, disconnect, disengage, part, separate, unhitch, free, loosen, untie etc.

Deep attachment to various things could hinder our progress to the next level or hinder us from accessing the #new. And all before we ever completely detach, the only sign we will ever read is “Access Denied!”

So strongly are we consistently attached to things that we must utterly detach from: sin, noise, negative thoughts/ mindsets, fear, doubt, toxic relationships, forgetfulness, perpetual adoration of our own self-instituted objects of worship and the list goes on. When more value, importance & priority is attached to our own way for ourselves at the expense of God’s for us, while at the same time asking God to release the new, do you see as I do the underlying paradox?

Throughout Scriptures, we see different episodes of detachment or of commands to ‘detach from’ in order to gain access to the next level. Detachment: from sin (Heb 12:1-3), Abram from his country, kindred, even his father’s house (Gen 12:1-2), Gideon from fear (Judges 6:), a constant reminder to the Israelites to detach from worship of foreign gods and equally detach from forgetfulness (or indirectly so, constantly being taken aback on how mightily He had delivered them out of the hands of the oppressor in Egypt). We also see the disciples being urged to detach from little faith and we read of Zechariah’s encounter hence lesson to detach from doubt…and so on and so forth. But wait! Zechariah’s story genuinely intrigues me…, like he doubted an angel! Then had to go dumb thro’: conception of John the Baptist, 9 months of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, the birth of John ’till his naming – how long was that?? Until he believed the angel’s message then wrote down the name John, ‘acting in belief’ of God’s messenger and thereby cooperating with the heavens, he remained dumb. Detaching from doubt!

All the examples of stuff I’ve mentioned way above that we fight so hard to detach from constitute the OLD.

The NEW.

Where there is prone to be abuse, I believe God withholds. Abuse is misuse of anything that has been entrusted to us.

‘Till there is full and complete detachment from what threatens the conduciveness of an atmosphere of that which God intends His promise to thrive in, expect delay! Sometimes I think God doesn’t deliberately make us wait, hold onto His blessings or His promises from us, rather, our thoughts, words & deeds, plus our stubbornness in letting go of the old, our solid proof of imminent abuse and our inability to see the value of the new will always cause delay. He will not release where there’s no cooperation!

I have a personal experience testimony of how God will not release even a simple revelation in chaotic space, on how He will withhold, cause delay… on how ’till we unclatter the atmosphere within our minds & hearts from the #old in readiness for the new, we’ll continuously wallow in the old and perpetually in delay.

We tend to have a very limited understanding of NEW. Our new goes something like this: “God pls just gimme this one thing. And at the back of our minds this is the ongoing plan…’I’ll take a bit of the new, a tiny piece of the old, do a beautiful mélange and have my tiny piece of heaven down here on earth.’ 😊” But alas! God’s genuine description of new be totally different 😎.

When I was at the heart of writing the book I’ve been working on for the last one & a half years or so, one of the deepest revelations that so strongly came to me was NEW: the value of new, the depth of new, the different facets of new (within different domains), how God loves new and why new has to be just that 🙂, NEW; it’s such a huge topic that requires its own space, time & research. Interesting that before God ever comes up with something new, He always examines the atmosphere that will nurture it.

You tell God, ‘Please do a new thing in this area of my life.’ And He in turn examines your heart and goes, ‘this environment is not yet suitable since it is not ready as yet to: take care of, groom/ nurture, love, protect, defend, sustain or even see the value of the new they are asking me for.’ Before God made Adam, He made Eden – ‘the presence of God.’ (Eden is not a physical location). Before He created the sun, moon & stars, He made the firmament. Before He made fish, He created the water bodies. And we therefore see how #crucial the atmosphere that contains and nurtures the promise or the creation of God is to Him. He releases only when the atmosphere is ready. Imminent abuse only results to Him withholding.

Over time, as I observe the world around me, I realise that man’s understanding of NEW and God’s perception of the same are like day and night, there’s no comparison!

This is how Jesus alluded to the value of #new in a parable.

Mk 2:22 And no one pours new wine into old wine skins. Otherwise the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wine skins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.

Only the person with shallow understanding of the value/ worth of their new wine will pour it into an old wine skin.

We are always in a constant search for and a constant yearning for the new: new horizons, new relationships, new/ higher heights with God, new home, new/ higher ranks in job or business or promotion, fresh joy… simply just that new lease on oomph! new, new, new…

Question is, are we genuinely ready to receive it/ them? The level of our readiness determines the portion of the gift and by extension, its release.

#Detachment always preceeds release!

Unclatter, completely detach from…then effortlessly walk into your new 🙂.

Detach then re-boot 😉.

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