Spiritual Warfare Part II: A Letter to the Church – Deep Repentance & Intercession

Greetings and love from Philadelphia.

Sometimes, actually most times, carrying a message of repentance is no mean feat ‘cos it’s a message people rarely welcome with open hands. You come first hand with the recognition and understanding as to why Jonah was running away from his assignment. When God revealed to me the need to stress this message of repentance and intercession, I was actually minding my own biz and didn’t want at the least to be the one to convey such messages. Listeners and readers will be fumbling with your source of knowledge, your age and experience, with your efficiency to deliver it and why you even think to begin with you are qualified to convey it and as such won’t be receptive.

I have already seen counter-reactions to my first article and I was ready for that, had actually anticipated it.

Yes, a message of repentance can powerfully connote judgement and condemnation to some depending on how one reads it and chooses to internalize it. It’ll appear like the carrier of the message is judging others before examining themselves, but there comes a point in time when you either choose to please man and disobey God or act in obedience to His word/ assignment.

If surely God could choose to use experience as the sole quantifying determinant to our qualification, then some of us wouldn’t have the courage to least of all hold a pen, leave alone even post the end result of His workmanship using the pen to a public domain, ‘cos sometimes when I genuinely look at myself, it almost and purely feels like I’m not fully and properly qualified for anything. Indeed His quantifying determinant by and large remains ‘obedience’ and ‘brokenness.’ But if God could use a donkey…Well, I do 21 a lot. Completed one of fast few weeks ago and after a short break, had been doing another 21 for just asking God to draw me closer to Him and boom!!! on the 12th day, comes the assignment… and I contended with it, dilly-dallied with it, gave all the excuses and for slightly more than a week, I could just hit a wall. I’d be doing something completely unrelated to prayer and Daddy would just gently remind me that that I had put His project in the back seat. Tired of fighting, I wrote the 1st article and with trembling, posted it. So, here’s the 2nd:

Spiritual warfare 3

‘People of God who are called by the Father’s name, the Lord wants us back on our knees into deep repentance and in intercession for the Bride.’

So, let’s get in.

Before getting any deeper, please read Spiritual Warfare part I if you haven’t done so before going any further with this one. P/S this is a loooong article.

Today, I tackle: Intercession, Repentance and Spiritual Warfare as well as Prayer.


What is intercession? According to Merriam Webster, it is prayer, petition or entreaty in favor of another. So in essence, an intercessor is one who prays, offers petitions and entreats in favor of another.

What qualities mark an intercessor?




-They understand grace.

-They operate in faith and pray with authority.

-Are called to live a disciplined life and pray with holiness. 1Chronicles 29:19

-See things through God’s eyes – the world & situations as God does and gets a burden. Nehemiah 1:1-5.

-They are marked by God. Ezekiel 8:1

-Earns God’s favor. Job 42:8 and 1 Samuel 7:5-9

-Are sacrificing on matters time and even resources. Philemon 1:22

-They have a relationship with the Father. James 4:7

-They pray out of love for others. 1 Peter 4:8

-They pray for hearts to change.

-They pray for unity. 2 Corinthians 13:1

-They volunteer.

-They have to have a balanced degree of compassion and objectivity. If they lean so much towards objectivity while praying, they may end up having a detachment from empathy and truly feeling and understanding the situation. Yet, if they lean so much towards compassion, their prayer may end up being too much emotional without the necessary balance.

-They are obedient to God. 15:7

-They pray for truth to be revealed and for right agreements. 2Cor 13.1

-They have a tangible evidence of God’s hand. 1 Corinthians 2:4

-An intercessor can change the mind of God. Genesis 18:23-33

-They are willing to risk and sacrifice their own benefits for the sake of others. Exodus 32:31-32, 2 Samuel 24:17, Acts 7:60.

-The heart of an intercessor is that of mercy, humility and service.

One moment, a few weeks ago, I went into prayer and after a while, was led to pray for the Church and for its leadership as well as for some countries. I couldn’t understand the deal then and I just broke into uncontrollable tongues yet then, I had thought it would be a one-time thing but alas! Yes, it wasn’t completely in my agenda.


I have recently learnt something new – that you don’t repent yokes. You repent sin, but you break yokes.

Vivid mem’ries of me locking myself in a friend’s house back in 2011/ 2012 in Kangemi as I repented and broke foundational barriers once again come into play even as I think about THE COST of deliverance. I had just completed reading the book ‘Rebuilding your Life’s Foundation’ by Ken Yapha and had been daily repenting the sins of my fore fathers, had been denouncing any spiritual attachment to names given me, had been detaching myself from any curses and had been cancelling every effect, control and manipulation of evil altars and incantations offered that may have been in operation in my life.

But, why all this struggle, you ask?

Now Christians have been taught that after the salvation prayer and some nursery-school kind of repentance (where someone’s heart sometimes isn’t fully set in complete turn-around), everything else will be rosy. Doesn’t however work that way ‘cos the kind of spiritual battle that we witness in the 2nd heavens gives us a clue on what it means to possess Kingdom benefits.

Daniel 10:13-14 But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia. Now I am come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days: for yet the vision is for many days.Now, there’s probably a difference between Daniel and us. The Bible doesn’t record this man as one who lived in sin. In fact, he was a prophet who in the supernatural, saw visions and prayed three times a day. My question is, if the prince of Persia had the audacity to try and intercept the prayers of such a holy man, how much more of Christians living and walking in sin?

So, if you come from a family who say, four generations backwards thoroughly participated in idolatry and occultism, those are very deep roots and beyond you confessing your own sins, you’ll have to confess theirs as well and not only that. You will have to completely detach yourself from their Spiritual effects.

Been listening of late to lots of testimonies by John Ramirez and also watching Sid Roth’s ‘It’s Supernatural’ quite often of late. I must say, coupled with my own personal experiences and battles fought and won, they have been very beneficial.

To be cognizant of and to appreciate grace, you must deeply know what it means to be a sinner and forgiven. To appreciate abundance, you must first know what it practically means to lack. To appreciate life, you must have sometimes, not all have come close to death. To appreciate deliverance and restoration, you must sometimes practically understand what it means to be in bondage. To understand violence in prayer (taking it by force/ holy anger), then you must practically know what it means to be almost denied what is rightfully yours through spiritual theft. To appreciate health, you may need to practically understand what it means to be unhealthy and its not so glossy effects: either sick or simply unfit. And to ultimately understand some of the secrets of the Kingdom, you may need a knowledge and a glimpse of how the satanic kingdom operates, plus its deadly secrets.

This great deceiver has unleashed all the arsenals in his armory. Of course, God’s arsenals overrules his by far… yet how is it that not all Christians live victorious lives? This guy has now invented ways in which he can steal, kill and destroy long before a child is even grown enough to fully understand who they are. I remember listening to this story of this lady who had been living with her grandma over the school holidays narrate how at around 8 years of age, one night she had witnessed her grandma enchant deadly incantations towards the moon, as well as witness her dead immersed in the activity of astral projection. The small girl was meant to be an heir in that as it was to be revealed to her much later. Whether you like it or not, unless you have broken nasty generational foundations four generations backwards and completely detached yourself from their effects, your freedom, even if you claim salvation is half-baked. Ask any Christian who only got saved and did nothing about these yokes. They will tell you what I mean, in case you and I up to this juncture are not on a similar frequency.

I have keenly been studying my surroundings and have noted a few strongholds which I would love to share:

Territorial/ Geographical powers.

These are evil powers that rule certain geographical areas, taking its victims captive. Here, I have witnessed the spirit of lawlessness, unconcern for spiritual matters, pervasive homosexuality and its related sister, indirect slavery as well as racism (haven’t seen one directed towards me but I’ve observed victims) and all these are patterns/ cycles that only a Christian with the Spirit of discernment can see that indeed, they are deep spiritual issues. On October 31st and the entire week before, people were deep immersed in the Halloween mood: costumes, candy – lots of free candies and chocolates for kids, parties and interior décor consisting of different kinds of skeletons is what dominated the air: head and backbone skeletons, hand skeletons… and some décor at the entrance of buildings that were to welcome guests home were samples of orange pumpkins with decorative words engraved on them as ‘Home sweet haunted home’. One that’s still etched in my mem’ry is a décor at the entrance of one building made up of hay and a cross, perfectly exemplifying a grave. I so love interior design and décor, but since when did such demonic tools become decorative? All these are normal to most people here. You only need to live and work in a place where one is completely barred from speaking about spiritual matters in the office. Yes, you only need to open your deep spiritual eyes to be filled with compassion at the magnitude of bondage and oppression that people have ignorantly welcomed with both hands and accepted to live in, with the lie that there’s nothing they can do to reverse the situation. One of the things that you can lure me with is chocolate, but nowadays I beg your pardon-oh, I’m getting more alert. I have ever broken a dry fast years ago because I fell into chocolate temptation. And so, I have been debating within myself what the problem is with eating these free candies and chocolates offered all so philanthropically. Well, I don’t believe in Halloween and have been vocal about it. So, as the debate waged on deep inside of me, like a week and a half or so ago, there were these chocolates in plenty… and I was smiling to myself as they moved closer home. Storyline was, the chocolates were received from church yet there’s one thing that the Holy Spirit whispered to me just as I was opening the first chocolate wrapper that evening. Audibly so, He whispered to me, ‘food offered to idols.’ That was the last thing that could ever have crossed my mind in that instant. I thought such things existed only during Daniel’s and Paul’s times.

Back in my home country, I know tribalism and corruption to be a wild fire of a problem, and if you thought they don’t have a spiritual dimension, you are mistaken. In most African societies, poverty and occultism are deadly strongholds that have gotten a stable foothold (but that can be broken) and if genuinely, we are to be honest with ourselves, if you are one who hails from a place with neither the effects of these two, examining four generations backwards, then you really are a lucky chap. Please remember our first lesson from the first article – everything is Spiritual. So let’s guard that even as we move on. Until the day people, including Christians will stop politicking, gossiping and complaining, thereby entertaining captivity demons, and instead, bring these issues with holiness before the Lord and before His throne of mercy, nothing is bound to change. The Spiritual will always overrule the social, the political plus the economical. So, you think the law makers were out of their minds when they passed into law that bill that seeks to oppress the masses and milk the country dry? And what of toxic substances finding their way into staple foods? You think it’s only for political gains? Please dig deeper. It was all initiated somewhere, and as I’ve said time and again, the spiritual will always overrule, whether good or bad. Bad will especially do when good people just observe and do nothing about it. How painfully interesting the modern day techniques and strategies the devil is employing and that now, he doesn’t have to make you leave your country to get you into captivity. Today, people are held hostages in their own country. Babylon will come find you right where you are, you don’t have to exit. Very painful indeed!

The Spirit of Fear.

This one is a deadly one and I only know and recognize at a personal level what I’ve had to deal with several years, say 8 years back in form of this spirit. I have also recently learned that whenever there’s an evil spiritual attack on a prospective host, this spirit is normally the first to be unleashed before the related cohorts come in. Otherwise put, fear always has to prepare the way for the smooth operation of its colleagues. It is so deadly such that for one to overcome it, they require the tripartite combination of: power, love and a sound mind all at once. Meaning this spirit’s perfect physical manifestation is a combination of: powerlessness, hate and chaos.

The Jezebel spirit.

Let’s talk a bit about the Jezebel spirit. An insight into 1 Kings chapters 18 & 19 during the times of prophet Elijah gives us a bare display on how Jezebel operated then in a bid to completely eliminate the prophets of the Lord and that’s exactly what she is doing to date. The main markers of this spirit are: lying, mocking, causing chaos and killing the voice of God (prophets) just to name but some. Apparently, this spirit hates prophets, prayer and Spiritual warfare. The deadly spirit is equally responsible for: lust, immorality and the downfall of men, corporations and Churches and its results can always be seen in stagnation as well as lack of growth or blatantly, an irrevocable downfall. I will let you do your own personal research on how this spirit operates since I think it’s a knowledge worth arming oneself with. I’ve done very extensive research on this spirit which gave me an elaborate answer to the question I repetitively raised in my first article. And I’ll let you do your own.

You can also further read Rev 2:20-23 to see what the Lord says He has against those who entertain Jezebel, which today manifests in a spirit form, unless they repent of her ways. This must be a deadly one for the Lord Himself to even give a personal warning concerning it. Think about it for a moment…

Well, as Christians, we have the power within ourselves of choice – to choose not to be partakers of activities that stagnate Kingdom advancement and to also detach ourselves through complete discipline, constant repentance and Spirit-led intercession.

A real-life story is told of how one American singer’s concert was once thwarted in Houston after a few Christians bombarded the heavens with a cry to the Lord which ran parallel to the concert, since they knew and had observed a pattern after his concerts of suicidal manifestations and other untold vices. And guess what happened, the sound system failed and let’s say, the concert was unsuccessful. You, prayer warrior called into intercession have power within yourself, and it doesn’t matter your numbers. What ultimately counts is obedience and God always, will always honor it.


Joel 2:12-32 We see the outcomes of fast and repentance as: shame being lifted up as well as the Spirit of the Lord being poured on the Lord’s servants: both men and women. We also see an activation of the prophetic, plus dreams and visions being birthed, only as a result of fast, repentance and prayer.

One thing that I know about restoration and especially from bondage and that I have observed as well as experienced is that one always has to individually or corporately come to a point where they are spent and tired with the condition of their lives or the prevailing geographical circumstance. That way, they can pursue the only one sure way of breaking that barrier. Before then, they will just languish in it until the day they decide ‘I’ve had enough!’ or ‘We’ve had enough!’ God, as we know, is not the kind to force anyone into either salvation or repentance. He has given us a free will to choose. Just as similar as, God doesn’t force anyone to be infilled with His Spirit; it however has to come from the depths of a hungry hungry soul.

I would love to illustrate some of the spiritual warfare I’ve had to contend with at the work place, in residential places, in the family etc., hopefully I will highlight a few more as this journey goes on. The beautiful thing is that as long as I’m prayerfully grounded, every impending attack being designed to be waged towards me is always revealed to me early enough before it takes root plus the instructions on how to go about it: whether it’s engaging an Esther’s fast gear or worship or midnight prayers etc. I have thereby come to a point where I can walk into a room and tell you there’s a foreign evil spirit blanketing and dominating that area just through discernment. Yes, I can now take just one look at an animal and tell you that it is playing a 2nd role of a monitoring spirit, just beyond being an ordinary animal. And the same applies to humans… that’s why I don’t take very lightly someone constantly monitoring me, means they have an agenda and assignment over my life, knowingly or unknowingly and which by the time I always know about is always already miserably thwarted.

Please allow me to give one example. In the estate where I lived along Thika road, I was once automatically woken up 3 times in just one night to pray: at 12 midnight, at 3am and at 6am, without setting an alarm at all. At midnight and at 3am, the Holy Spirit led me to pray against geographical powers in that place and within no time, I was setting on fire every evil altar in that place as well as uprooting every evil thing that is buried in the land affecting people living there. I hadn’t at all planned to pray that way. At 6 am, did the same prayers and as I continuously prayed, I could hear a very huge flock of ducks quacking as they walked away. They left the place and I could hear them walk in a large group quacking, (trust me they were not physical ducks) leaving until they completely left and their voices faded into thin air. The instruction normally is, go to the bottomless pit and don’t return again. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one else heard the ducks. The thing is, when our spiritual ears, eyes and hearts are activated, we will be able to hear, see and discern things that ordinary ears, eyes and hearts cannot. There are 3 basic areas from whence attacks are launched: land, air and water.

Back on restoration. See, what some people may not get is that if the enemy can’t possess you, he will work on oppressing you. Let me also mention 1st that demons are illegal entities and for them to be fully functional on earth, they must get a legal ground of operation e.g. getting into a person or an animal. Which gets me into my next point – how these spirits and demons gain access into people’s lives, manipulating and working through them? They do through: sin, yokes incompletely broken, living in darkness and ignorance, when eyes don’t see and ears can’t hear and hearts can’t discern. They also gain access through broken or unprotected hedges.

2 Peter 3:9 The LORD is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

Again, some people have been taught that they don’t have to repent before getting to pray. The thing is getting before the presence of the Lord with an unrepentant heart sets you for untold counter attacks, considering the kind of warfare that we witnessed earlier before in Daniel in the 2nd heaven. God with His immeasurable grace will listen. Question is, even if you were to receive the answer/ blessing yet continue living in sin, how long can and will you sustain that blessing with the counter-attacks at play? Remember there’s also a gate – the gate of leaking blessings.

Another new thing that I have recently learned and that I would love to highlight is that there are some kinds of spirits that for them to leave a person so one is totally set free, require a willing and intentional cooperation of the host, not exclusively an anointing oil. Until that person intentionally decides to detach themselves from immorality and lust as well as the atmosphere that support the conducive breeding spot of such spirits, then it’s all a waste of anointing oil.

God wants us, the Church back on our knees in Deep repentance and intercession.


And now to one of my favoritestestest.

Whenever I step into a new place: territory, market place, hotel, country etc., I always declare Psalms 24 over it and re-dedicate the grounds to God, just in case there be powers claiming the place. (Refer my notes on territorial/ geographical spirits). This I have to do before I fall prey to the rhythms of the place. Secondly, I possess the place including its divine benefits for me as per Joshua 1:3. Thirdly and lastly, I bless the place and pray over it. Anyone who has ever shared a hotel room with me during our discipleship retreats will tell you that the 1st thing I do the moment I step in the hotel room is hold hands with my roommate and pray over the place, claim it under the total authority of God’s presence, re-dedicate it and lastly break any previous dedications that do not align with the Spirit of God in that place. They say experience is the best teacher. So, this I oftenly do as a response to a nasty experience I had several years back from a hotel room in Malindi (religious tour too), yet whose experience, initiated there, was afterwards a near-death experience. By His mercy and grace, I escaped by whiskers. So again, let’s just guard the 1st lesson I mentioned – everything is spiritual. Never forget to hallow the grounds you are standing upon at any one given moment.

So, How do we Pray?

I’m definitely revisiting an article on my blog that I wrote some time back.

I once had a vision on prayer. As I was sleeping (in that moment when one’s subconscious, in between being awake and complete sleep), I saw this intensively bright light which connected my heart to Heaven. I felt like a Jacob when he saw angels ascending to and descending from heaven. Then I heard this voice audibly say, “Two things determine answers to prayer: WHEN and HOW you pray.”

Well, the factors above inform the basis upon which I write on prayer today.

  1. WHEN

‘When’, I believe cuts across ‘what time’ as well as ‘triggered by what’.

What time – ‘when’ did the Lord Jesus pray?

-Matthew 14:23,25 “And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone….and in the fourth watch of the night, Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.” This prayer must have been throughout from the evening right up to before the fourth watch of the night when He walked up to his disciples – by estimation around 3, 4am.

-Mark 1:35 “And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed in a solitary place, and there prayed.

-He prayed before undertaking given tasks e.g before choosing His disciples, He prayed all night – Luke 6:12-13.

-Luke 14:19 He prayed before eating food or breaking bread

– Luke 24:30.-He prayed prior to being tempted, Mathew 4:2. He had fasted for forty days and forty nights.

-He prayed when in pain and agony, Luke 22:41-44, well equipped with knowledge of the great sacrifice that lay ahead that He was to make on the cross.

These are a few examples of when Jesus prayed.

The Bible is not only keen and specific on matters numbers and seasons, but also exact timings. The Bible is so deliberate in giving us precise indications of times when certain: deliverance, victories, miracles and even judgement took place – a call to pray during times such as these.

How about looking at ‘when’ – the exact timings when miracles, deliverance, even judgement took place in the Bible.

-Paul and Silas were delivered from prison, Acts 16:25-26 at midnight.

-Peter and John administered healing at the gate of the temple called Beautiful, Acts3:1-8 at the ninth hour.

-The veil getting torn at the temple and saints being awoken from sleep, Matthew 27:46-53 was preceded by darkness from the sixth to the ninth hour.

-David arose to give thanks, Psalms 119:62 at midnight.

-Cornelius received a vision, Acts 10:3 about the ninth hour of the day.

-The Egyptian first born sons were smitten to death, Exodus 11:4 about midnight.

-When Jehovah didn’t answer King Saul either by dreams or by urim or by prophets, he resorted to consulting a woman that had a spirit of a python, 1Samuel 28 by night. Through the spirit of Samuel who was already dead, Saul gets the message of the Lord having rent the kingdom out of his hand as well a prediction of his death together with his sons on the following day, which was executed as per the word of the spirit of Samuel.

I wonder though why the Bible is so deliberate in giving us precise indications of such timings. Is it for beautification or décor? Would they have been stated just for the sake of it? I mean if they didn’t serve any functional value? That’s upon you to personally think about and decide.

Much as I basically pray anywhere, anytime, I personally love my prayers and intercessions at the midnight hour – 1hour, 2hours, even 3 hours as led. And much as midnight is assumed to be the time of evil: invocations, incantations and practices, it also stands out as a calm time with minimal distractions when seeking the face of God.

Around four years ago, I dared God, and well, He honored me with a visitation right in my house. It was at the midnight hour, precisely 7 minutes past midnight. I wanted to hear His voice, I asked Him for His glory. I was nuts, I really was. Someone had told me without batting an eyelid that God doesn’t speak, but I believed the contrary. I asked God why He spoke to others and not me. Well, with a conversation that began at 2pm in the day, the guy appeared at 00:07. Again, this ran on persistence & obedience – I was directed on two specific worship songs to sing which I did: Oceans where feet may fail and Holy Spirit you are welcome here. Imagine singing the same two songs repetitively for close to two hours while kneeling? Well, on that day, He didn’t speak audible speech but coded language with signs. He got me dazed, made me lie with my face downwards. And the next thing? My bed shook terribly, I heard thunders, rumblings and saw light – these, three consecutive sequences. He served me a tiny dose of His glory. I hitherto still wonder if I would have contained the full splendor of His glory. Yet, this tiny dose was, for lack of better description, excitingly frightening and enough to make me not to switch off lights while I slept for the next 7 nights. My visitor didn’t wait for a glass of juice. Later on, 8 months later, He started speaking audibly to me.See? It all was initiated at the midnight hour.

  1. HOW

I view this as cutting across ‘the manner’ as well as ‘the strategy employed’.

How did Jesus pray?-Jesus prayed alone (Matthew 14:23 & Mk 1:35), with a chosen few (Mk 5:37, Mk 1:35-36) and with the crowds e.g before eating.

-He prayed in fasting and sometimes retreated alone to the mountain/ wilderness throughout the night. (Luke 5:16 & Luke 6:12)

-Jesus always addressed His prayers to God and prayed in accordance with His will.

-He prayed kneeling, He prayed with strong crying and tears Hebrews 5:7, He prayed with love and compassion, He prayed with a thankful heart (John 11:41, Matthew 11:25 & Luke 10:21).

The Lord’s Prayer still remains our greatest guide. Matthew 6:9-13

So, how should we pray?

-Our prayers should always be directed to God.

-They should be made through Jesus. In His name – John 14:6.

-In accordance with God’s will.

-Making declarations using scriptures related to and that address the given situation.

-Articulating the request with clarity and precision. (Targeted prayer)

-Having a clear focused prayer strategy.

-Through meditation.-Getting engaged in the night watch.

-In a closet, in secret, Mathew 6:6.

-Employing the prayer of agreement as led.

-Persistently – day and night, Luke 18.-Guided by the Spirit.

-With thanksgiving.

-In worship, with praise and giving God all the honor that’s due Him. “For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever, amen.”

-In asking for revelations and His guidance so we can pray with knowledge.


What of Spiritual knowledge and understanding, why is it vital for a believer?

Did you know that your life and your living is at the mercy of how well you have mastered the operation of the Spiritual? Not your level of education, not your experience, not the magnitude of your social network or influence, not even the strength of your financial status, but ultimately in how excellently you understand, perceive and respond with the supernatural.

Apostle Joshua Selman puts it this way, “Your life and destiny is at the mercy of the understanding you have about the Spirit realm, alongside comprehending the tools at your disposal to produce the outcomes you desire. It’s not just all up to God. My life and your life, my finances and your finances, my well-being is at the mercy of this understanding and the ability to piece together the tools that have been provided by the word of God to help manipulate realities until my physical outcome is consistent with the word of God.”

And why is Repentance all that important?

As we read through the messages to the angels of the seven Churches in Revelations 2 & 3, there are two clear and consistent messages, repetitively given to them: Repentance and Overcoming, to the Churches in Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea. Also, the Lord Himself sets us an example that even before Christ began His ministry, there had to be a fore-runner, John the Baptist whose message primarily to the masses was that of Repentance. And just as is stated in Revelations, “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches.”

1 John 1:8, 10 If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word is not in us.Only one thing can keep us from accessing mercy and forgivenesspride.

Truth is, we constantly sin: in our thoughts, heart meditations, motives, words, silent judgements, attitudes and actions yet the great Purifier remains as merciful as ever.

1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Psalms 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

LISTEN OH YE CHILDREN OF GOD, the Father longs to redeem the image of the Bride even among the heathen.

It is thereby a season to get down on our knees and to call on His name.

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.


I so love Abraham’s heart and compassion as indicated in Genesis 18:16-33 which led him to plead for Sodom. So, are we similarly mandated.

Basing on all that I’ve been tackling in this article, the solutions to all of our urgent and inflicting issues must and will indeed exclusively emanate from the spiritual, that’s why my letter is addressed to the Church. You are the Church, I am the Church, We are the Church.

We’re soon hitting the ground running…still on prep mode.

We’re soon plunging those feet on intercession for different nations and for the Bride. The assignment has been issued and confirmed as well. What a loving God we serve. He’s the best Teacher ever. Ever been in a class with a teacher who’s willing to repeat something even when you can’t understand? This is the kind of Teacher I walk with on a daily basis, who with love, re-confirms everything He says and every assignment He gives as well. And we ain’t putting our guards down, not even when every foe be vanquished.

If genuinely interested to join us, check out my previous and first article on Spiritual Warfare Part I on how to plug in.

If you choose to join us incognito, please equally pray for the peace of Jerusalem, simply ‘cos we’re commanded to – Psalms 122:6, as well as for the salvation of Israel, even as Paul desired – Romans 10:1.

But wait! Have you ever wondered how a blemish less, wrinkle less and spotless Bride looks like? It’s my only desire that I be found to fit this description when my Master, the Bridegroom returns.

Keep it here for more periodic articles.

In my next article, I will be tackling Spiritual Weapons for Spiritual Warfare.

Calvary love,

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