“Un chef d’oeuvre dans les mains du Père.”


Just as with any great and magnificent piece of art: Beethoven’s compositions, Shakespeare’s poetry and Michelangelo’s paintings got a root, their development building up to climax then a wind-up, all consequently culminating in an ultimately stunning chef d’oeuvre, so does The Wonder Oasis.


The Lord doesn’t always necessarily use qualified people. Think about Moses, the stammerer and Gideon who probably got it all-shock when he was termed ‘Mighty man of valor.’ How about the fishermen turned fishers of men and the tax collector? He instead calls us then qualifies us. And one thing I know for sure is that He exceedingly delights in an obedient heart.

Notwithstanding my ‘little experience’, on this platform – the wonder oasis, I’d love to share what I’ve learned, combining each elaborate research with a touch of my life experience(s) – my journey. When this compelling urge engulfed my soul, I knew that it was time.

I neither consider myself an exemplary writer nor an eloquent speaker, yet I find it utterly astounding that an all-knowing, all-powerful, great, mighty and terrible God would look down and delight in an unqualified, obedient one as I.

I am an avid reader and an ardent nature lover who explores language wildly and widely. Though a trained High School teacher by profession, I am a practicing Freelance Language Translator. Interior design and décor are so close to my heart in practice. I adore and have a very soft spot for children.

My Mojo ticks, races, sets out in a perfect rhythmical formula: when I’m encompassed by the tranquility of nature, while out in the wild, when I teach kids, when I listen to sound music, when I translate, when I open a window via my soul to a world unknown, a world of my own…alone, a world of imagination, of creativity…of concepts, of design, of harmony; soaring thro’ the length, breadth and depth of it within myself to unravel and discover the sui generis then enacting it into reality. Oh! and of late it pounds when I get hold of a pen and set it into motion on paper. Poetry ranks high on my list of pastimes. I play table-tennis or ping-pong if you like. Health and Fitness matter to me. A budding pianist and a keen lover of classical music, I have developed profound love for authentic worship music.

Currently, I am learning the ropes on Witnessing as well as Nurturing new believers. Christ perpetually wins me over and wins my heart with His out-and-out love. On this website, you’ll find spiritual and Hope-instilling articles on my blog page as well as some recordings on You Tube – The Wonder Oasis. I do not attribute any authority whatsoever of content of any of these writings and recordings to myself.


So come on! Let’s do this: I prayerfully hope that the end result will be hearts totally surrendered to Christ, hearts and lives full of love and hearts that have experienced and totally been consumed by His unrivalled love: a spiritual revolutionary wave!

After all has been said and done, I’d love to be counted among them that positively responded to the question, “Whom shall I send?”

It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa.

Enjoy the read/ view!



Bien venue,

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