“Un chef d’oeuvre dans les mains du Père.”

What is an Oasis?

An oasis is a fertile spot in a desert where water is found.

Why Wonder Oasis?

Having got the revelation to write and share, plus a few topics to begin with, I grappled with the naming. What is in a name? So much. For instance, my name, Irene is derived from a Greek word that stands for ‘peace’.

Well, following a water rationing/ shortage season that hit my home city, Nairobi, much as it wasn’t that extreme where I stay, it wouldn’t have escaped anyone for a moment just how much important water is – not that I didn’t know it before, but at times the scarcity or complete absence of something or someone is indispensable for one to realize its/ their importance. I remembered this cache phrase by a water company, ‘Water is Life’ & ‘Water is Back’. To me that signified hope. And thus, I badly wanted a name associated with water. (I can see the eyes of someone reading this widening).

I thought of a brook…then an oasis. A brook is small, but an oasis? An oasis in a desert? Think about it! It signified immense hope to me. Please stop for a while…Imagine yourself in that desert, then you spot water. And not only just water, but lush vegetation – an oasis.

And I know you believe just as much as I do that HOPE is fundamental to the well being of any human. And so was the name birthed.

I opted for an oasis and added an adjective to it – wonderoasis. As I sat in stillness, prayerfully, I sensed a directive to add the definite article ‘the’ at the beginning. Et Voilà!!