“Un chef d’oeuvre dans les mains du Père.”

I took this aerial view of Minneapolis, while taking off from Minnesota, heading to JF Kennedy Int’l Airport (New York) then reconnecting to my eventual destination – Nairobi, Kenya (Home). Look at the clouds, look at the clear sunny sky, look at the aerial vegetation, look at the endless horizon. Think of this huge mechanical equipment carrying us + unthinkable weight in form of luggages on its base, telling a different tale of the law of gravity. Think of this uncontainable being that gave His creation the intellect to in turn create it.

What however mesmerizes me is not just the elements above, but HOW the ALLMighty God CREATED it all, intricately PUT IT ALL in place, didn’t make a single error. My more of a historical than geographical mind hitherto tries to understand how, how, how?